Tips For Controlling Gophers On Your Property

From dirt mounds and mysteriously missing flowers and vegetables from your garden to actually seeing the pests on your property, there are several telltale signs of a gopher infestation. Gophers can wreak serious havoc on your property, and unfortunately, gophers are sometimes difficult to eliminate from your property. Here are a few tips to help you control the gophers on your property. Install Fencing If gophers are a serious issue in your yard and you want to protect your vegetable and flower gardens, fencing is a great first line of defense. [Read More]

The Termite Prevention Steps Many Homeowners Skip

If you have a problem with termites, you are not alone. Many homeowners realize too late that they have made some mistakes and allowed termites in. The good news is that you can take steps now to prevent the termite population from growing in and around your home. Professional termite control experts know the best ways to control the termite population. These are steps that are often overlooked by homeowners: [Read More]

4 Ways To Keep The Termites Away This Spring

In the spring, termites like to come out in full force again. If you know termites are an issue in your area, you will need to work to keep them away from your property. Keeping the termites away from your property requires advance planning and preventative measures. Way #1: Reduce Moisture First, you are going to want to reduce moisture around your homes. Many people are not aware that termites are just as attracted to water as they are to wood. [Read More]

4 Signs Of Termite Infestation You Should Never Ignore

Like most pests, termites can be pretty tricky to spot since they hide in concealed areas of a property. However, once they invade your house, multiply, and establish a nest, you might experience massive destruction.  In fact, they can ruin your home's foundation and other structural components beyond repair. Here are four signs that you have these destructive pests in your walls and that it is time to call the exterminator. [Read More]