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Skunk Smell in Your Home? What You Should Do

If you are smelling a skunk smell in your home, you need to take steps immediately or it can become much worse. This smell can be difficult to remove and may linger for a long time inside your home. One thing you should do is contact a wildlife removal company to take care of this problem for you. Below are some steps they will take to help you.

Find the Skunk

The first thing that needs to be done is to find the skunk. The skunk could be in a variety of places. Because you are smelling the odor inside your home, the skunk is likely in your crawlspace. The skunk may be pregnant and looking for a safe place to nest and have its babies, or the skunk may just want to get out of the cold or the heat. No matter the reason, you should never try to get the skunk out yourself or you will be sprayed. Skunks will spray any time they feel threatened. If you get the smell on your skin, it will linger for a long time in many cases. The skunk will also spray if they get startled, such as when your HVAC unit turns on. 

A wildlife removal company can determine if there is a skunk in your crawlspace. If so, they will determine how the skunk got in so you can take care of this. These animals have strong claws and can easily claw their way through a screen you may have over a vent opening. The skunks can also dig deep under a foundation to get to the crawlspace. 

Remove the Skunk

Once the wildlife removal company determines you do have a skunk in your crawlspace, they can use a trap to get it out. They have the experience to do this quickly so the skunk will not have time to spray. These companies use special skunk traps that are spray-proof. They know how to strategically place the traps and then will put bait inside. Once the skunk walks inside the trap the door will automatically close. They use bait like peanut butter, honey, or molasses that is spread on bread. They may also use old meat that is slightly spoiled. 

These traps have a thick cover over them so if the skunk does spray it will not get on anything. Once they catch the skunk, they can release it in a safe area away from homes and businesses. 

A wildlife removal company can give you tips on preventing future skunks from getting into your crawlspace. Visit this site to find out more: https://www.molterpestandwildlife.com.