Mouse In Your House? Is It A House Mouse Or Deer Mouse?

If you suspect you have a mouse problem in your home, it's essential to understand the type of mouse you're dealing with. There are two common species of house mice: the house mouse and the deer mouse. Although they all have similar behavior and are a nuisance, each species has distinct characteristics that set them apart.  Knowing your enemy will help you understand how to best evict them. Here's a closer look at each: [Read More]

Why Your Restaurant Must Have An Integrated Pest Control Solution

Pest control services are essential if you run a food service business. Having pests in the food industry can lead to the spread of diseases and can also damage the reputation of your business.  Diseases are Often Spread by Pests One of the primary concerns is that pests are attracted to the food product, crawl over it, and spread pathogens. For example, salmonella is a serious disease that can be spread by rodents. [Read More]

Why Should You Hire A Professional When Pests Like Termites Invade Your Property?

Dealing with pests can be quite a traumatizing thing to experience in your home. Typically, most people find even the word "pest" disgusting because pests cause a lot of problems and damage. Also, handling a pest problem alone is usually stressful and tiresome. So whether you have birds, rodents, or termites in your home, you should hire a professional service that offers pest control to eliminate them. Professional pest control has numerous benefits. [Read More]

Why You Should Hire A Rodent Exterminator When Rodents Invade Your Home

Rodents like mice and rats are some of the most notorious pests anyone can host in their house. Unfortunately, rodents are perhaps the most common pests in most homes because they usually depend on people to survive. Actually, pests like spiders, bats, and squirrels may not be common in many homes, but rodents are. The landscape, climate, and hygiene level are some of the factors that contribute to a rodent infestation in many homes. [Read More]