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What Causes A Cockroach Infestation?

Roaches are disgusting pests. But do you know what makes cockroaches infest your home? You have probably been cleaning your home every day, but you can't seem to get rid of them. Well, you are about to discover the leading causes of cockroach infestations. Ensure you use this knowledge to come up with effective cockroach control methods.

Neighboring Houses

Keeping your home clean is a great cockroach pest control technique. Unfortunately, this technique can be rendered useless if your neighbor has a roach infestation. It is therefore hard to get rid of roaches if you reside in an apartment. These pesky pests will keep coming back to your home no matter what you do to keep them away. 

As long as your neighbors have roaches, they will also find their way into your house. As such, you must request the management to fumigate the entire building. It's the only way to get rid of the roach infestation.


By now, you know that roaches like hanging around trash cans and kitchen cabinets. All these places have more than enough food for them. So, don't be surprised to find roaches in your trash bag. Empty your trash bin often to avoid attracting roaches to your home. Alternatively, you can keep the trash can away from your house. 

Emptying your trash can isn't enough to keep roaches away. You still have to clean the trash can or change the trash bag. This should help clean the grime and leftovers from the trash can. 


Cluttered spaces will always attract all types of pests. So, don't assume that cleaning your home is enough to keep cockroaches away. You still have to reduce every possible hiding location. And as you know, clutter can make an easy hiding spot for roaches. That said, you need to get rid of clutter every chance you get. Some of the clutter you should remove include piles of newspapers, old clothing in boxes, piles of books, unused toys, and items left in drawers. 


Roaches have no business in your home unless they are looking for food. So, if you spot roaches in your house, just know there is enough food for them. You probably don't vacuum your floors often, and there are crumbs on your carpets and kitchen floors. As much as cleaning is tedious, you should do it every time you use the kitchen. Ensure there are no spills or crumbs left on the counters or kitchen floor. Also, clean all the utensils after you are done cooking and eating.