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Preparing Your Home For The Return Of Warm-Weather Pests

During the winter, pests of all types are usually less noticed inside homes. Many remain dormant or nest underground or in warm areas around foliage or wood piles until the return of rising temperatures occurs. They then become noticed in homes. There are some steps you can take to help prepare your structure so pests do not take up residence inside.  

Conduct A Deep Clean Session

Pests of all types tend to congregate in areas where they are able to smell food. After cooler weather diminishes and these pests emerge to outdoor areas, they will make attempts to gain entry to interior areas in search of food. If you have not been cleaning your home regularly, a deep-cleaning session is necessary to remove food remnants so pests do not try to make their way inside your structure. Mop, sweep, and vacuum floors to remove particles of food that may have fallen. Wipe all countertops and cabinets with a solution made from half vinegar, and half water to remove food odors.

Tend To The Exterior Of Your Home

If your home has any spots in need of repair, try to get projects conducted before summertime arrives. Inspect your home's siding for areas that can be used as entryways to the interior space. Plug up holes with pieces of steel wool as a temporary fix. Patch any visible cracks with sealant. Replace shingles on your roof that have become crumbly or that are curling. Check the underside wood for signs of decay and replace panels as needed.

Make Your Property Unattractive To Pests

In addition to your structure, your property requires maintenance to keep pests from getting too close to your home. Make sure to trim your lawn as soon as it starts growing for the season. Keep on top of the cutting of bushes and tree limbs so they do not get too close to your structure, allowing pests to use them as bridges. Relocate any wood piles you used during the cooler time of the year. Dump out standing water so it is not used for breeding or drinking.

Enlist Help From A Pest Control Service

It is wise to make an appointment with a local pest control service before warm weather returns for the season. During their visit, workers will inspect both the inside and outside of your home for signs of a pest problem. If one is found, they will treat it appropriately. In addition, a pest control service treats your property before pests become nuisances. This way you can enjoy the warmer time of the year without worrying about battling a pest infestation.

Contact a local pest control company to learn more.