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Why Your Restaurant Must Have An Integrated Pest Control Solution

Pest control services are essential if you run a food service business. Having pests in the food industry can lead to the spread of diseases and can also damage the reputation of your business. 

Diseases are Often Spread by Pests

One of the primary concerns is that pests are attracted to the food product, crawl over it, and spread pathogens. For example, salmonella is a serious disease that can be spread by rodents. Cockroaches also can provoke an allergic response. Because your workers will be exposed to these pests, their health will also be placed at risk.

Pests are a Reputational Risk

Having pests in your business can have a devastating impact on your business. Even after the pest problem has been dealt with, having a reputation for having a pest problem will be something your business might never recover from. In some cases, your business might even be shut down by a health inspector. Businesses with the worst infestations are even shut down permanently. 

Integrated Pest Control is the Answer

With food services, it is essential to have an integrated pest control system put in place. With this type of system in place, a pest control company will determine different thresholds that need to be met and the right pest control methods that should be put in place.

For example, if you spot a single fly, it would not be necessary to use heavy-duty pest control methods. However, if you discover a large number of flies, further action needs to be taken.

Pest Identification is Important

Not every type of insect is harmful to a food service business. You must identify the type of bug you have discovered so you can determine the appropriate actions to take. The types of pests that businesses are often concerned about include ants, cockroaches, rodents, and flies. However, even if a type of bug isn't a food safety concern, such as gnats, it can still be a nuisance for your customers.

Preventative Measures are Essential

Pest prevention strategies are the best option because extermination methods can sometimes be toxic, can cost money, and can also leave pest carcasses inside your kitchen and dining area. Food should be sealed in containers when not used, the kitchen must be cleaned thoroughly, and you must seal all entry points.

However, when your business needs to be treated, a pest control service can use the right type of treatment to kill the pests you are concerned about.

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