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4 Ways To Keep The Termites Away This Spring

In the spring, termites like to come out in full force again. If you know termites are an issue in your area, you will need to work to keep them away from your property. Keeping the termites away from your property requires advance planning and preventative measures.

Way #1: Reduce Moisture

First, you are going to want to reduce moisture around your homes. Many people are not aware that termites are just as attracted to water as they are to wood. Termites need both water and wood to thrive, so if you keep moisture away from your home, you are one step closer to keeping the termites away from your home. Fix any leaking pipes under your home. Ensure that none of your outside faucets are leaking water. Clean your gutters, so water flows off your roof into your gutters, through your downspout, and away from your home. Check any outdoor AC units as well; they can also leak water. 

Way #2: Keep Soil and Wood Away From Your Home

Second, you don't want to have soil and wood touching your home. You will want to create a safety barrier around your home where no material could potentially attract termites to your property. Instead, use rocks around your home to create a barrier between your home, yard, and other vegetation. This simple upgrade will help protect your home from termites.

Way #3: Check All Exterior Wood

Third, you will want to check all exterior wood around your home to ensure that it isn't rotting. There are numerous places where you will want to check the timber around your home. Start on your roof, and check for rotting shingles, soffits, and fascia. Repair any damaged roofing material because it can allow water to get into your home and damage the wood in your home, attracting termites. Next, check any wood window frames, door frames, and skirting boards. If any of the material is rotting or falling away, you will want to repair it immediately. 

Way #4: Get a Professional Inspection

Fourth, you will want to hire a pest control professional to come to your home and check your home. They will be able to spot any vulnerabilities in your home. They can also treat around your home to keep the termites away.

The best defense against termites is a great offense. Don't wait for the termites to show up to take action. Take action right away, and get the termites away from your home. You don't want the termites to get close to your home because they can do some serious damage.

For more information, contact a termite control service in your area.