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4 Signs Of Termite Infestation You Should Never Ignore

Like most pests, termites can be pretty tricky to spot since they hide in concealed areas of a property. However, once they invade your house, multiply, and establish a nest, you might experience massive destruction. 

In fact, they can ruin your home's foundation and other structural components beyond repair. Here are four signs that you have these destructive pests in your walls and that it is time to call the exterminator. 

Tubes or Mud Tunnels on the Walls

One telltale sign that you have an infestation of termites is the presence of tube-like tunnels. Houses with drywall are termites' preferred habitats because drywall contains cellulose. Cellulose is a primary source of food for pests. 

When termites eat through the wall, they create tunnels, and if you are keen enough, you will notice them. The network of tunnels becomes more prominent as the destruction escalates. Therefore, you should call an exterminator as soon as you see the tiny tubes developing. Remember that large tunnels mean that the termite population is large, which could be overwhelming to eliminate.

Paint Peeling Off the House

You might also notice paint peeling off your surfaces when termites invade your home. This happens because they have eaten through the wall and left some parts hollow. Moisture from inside reaches the surface and makes the paint flake. 

Hollowness in the Walls

Termites usually eat the structure they have infested from the inside out. Therefore, they will get inside your drywall and eat the inner parts, working their way to the outside. Before the structure reaches the level of collapsing, it will sound hollow when you tap on it. Hollowness means a significant amount of the structural wood in your home is already ruined. 

Visible Pinholes on the Surface

When you have termites living inside your home, you will see two types of pinholes at various spots around the building. Some pinholes might contain soil. 

Dry wood species make the pinholes without the dirt, while the subterranean variety makes pinholes containing soil. The pinholes indicate the pests have eaten through the material. This sign should be a source of concern as it signals deep, unseen structural destruction. 

Ignoring the above signs of termite invasion can lead to serious issues in the future. Therefore, hire a termite control expert to assess the level of damage and locate where the pests could be nesting. They will help you protect your home from further deterioration using an appropriate termite extermination technique. Call a pest control company if you think your home has termites.