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Bees Bothering You In Your Yard? What You Need To Do

Bees are a big part of the environment. They serve a purpose, although when they are buzzing around you or sting you, you may not feel the same way about them. These pests can be a bit of a burden when they have decided that your yard is the perfect place for their hive. And although they are a bit of a nuisance, they are responsible for pollinating plants and trees to give you those beautiful flowers you love to see bloom in the spring and summer months. If you have bees and they are keeping you from enjoying your time outside, you should call a pest control company to have them removed. Read on for a few things you can also do.

Stay Away From Them

You don't want to go out and fumigate the entire hive and kill the entire population of bees, or you won't be able to enjoy your beautiful flowers any longer. These pests should not be killed, and this may take some restraint on your part, but the best thing you can do is to leave them alone until a pest control company can come out and have them removed properly. If they are just outside your door, you'll need to take another exit for the time being. Their hive may be somewhere near, and if you get too close, they may begin stinging you in defense of their hive. One sting may not be too bad, but multiple stings can be dangerous and even deadly, especially if you are allergic. Putting up caution tape around the area will prevent others from suffering from their stings as well.

Use Smoke To Calm Them

If you aren't able to avoid them, you may need to use smoke to help calm them down. Smoke will help to calm the bees. It doesn't put them to sleep as some may think, and some types of smoke may cause them to get irritated, so you need to be sure you do your research on the type of smoke used. Burning natural items such as wood that doesn't contain chemicals, pine needles or pinecones are best to use. Using a bee-hive smoker, you can smoke the bees to distract them and then be able to leave your home safely. This isn't going to be something you can do daily, so you need to hire a pest control company to have the bees removed safely.

If you have a problem with bees bothering you, the best thing you can do is to leave them alone and call a pest control company to remove the hive and the bees.

For more information on pest control, contact a company near you.