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Pest Control Services: 5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For The Day Of Pest Extermination

Cockroaches, fleas, mice, and termites are no doubt a nuisance and a health hazard. Besides, crawling insects can be an embarrassment when you have guests in your home. Because of that, you should find a suitable extermination method as soon as you notice an infestation.

Unfortunately, most DIY solutions do not work. The only effective solution to your pest problem is to call a pest control exterminator. However, you should prepare adequately before the experts commence the process to get the desired outcome. Below are the preparation steps pest control experts recommend. 

Note Every Hiding Place

Before anything else, you should identify all pests' hiding places. You can do this by creating a record of where you often see them. However, doing this is not always easy since pests like to hide during the day. In that case, you can try doing it at night. If that does not work, leave it to the pest control company since they use expert techniques to identify pest sources. 

Ensure There Is Enough Room

Before the extermination team arrives, you need to ensure there is enough room, as you may well know, pests like squeezed spaces that are hard to reach. As such, you need to move the furniture from the walls and open all doors, drawers, and closets for the exterminator to treat your home effectively and accurately. 

Ensure That Your Kids and Pets Are Not Within the Vicinity

On the day of extermination, your kids and pets should not be hanging around. That means you need to find a place for them to stay beforehand. For instance, if you have relatives living nearby, you can request them to take them in. You also need to move out your aquariums or vivariums. And if you cannot move them, cover them with blankets or sheets.

Prepare the Outside Too

Some pests live and breed in long grass and bushes. Such pests include gall mites, red spider mites, leaf miner, adult vine beetle, winter moths, and whiteflies. Although they may not be hazardous, they can become destructive if left to thrive. As such, you will need to treat the lawn and garden in addition to other parts of the home. In that case, mowing your lawn and turning the sprinkler off is necessary. 

Cover All Food Items

Pest extermination chemicals can poison food and drinks. Because of that, you should keep away all food staff or place them in tightly covered containers. Also, cover all kitchen equipment and utensils. Leave the food covered for a while until the chemicals diffuse out of the kitchen. 

It is important to prepare yourself in the ways discussed above before the pest control team arrives. Doing this enables the team to carry out the work seamlessly. 

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