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Why Bats Keep Entering Your Home

Do you keep finding bats inside your home? Then your bat friends have probably taken a liking to your home for some reason. Bats usually enter homes to roost in the attic or walls because of the stable temperatures. First, the bats need to find a way inside your home. If there are no entry points, then the bats won't get inside your home.

If you keep finding bats inside your home, then they may be entering for the following reasons.

You leave your windows and doors open often

Although it may seem unlikely, bats will enter your home if you leave your windows and doors open. One reason that this happens at night is that you leave your outdoor lights on and your windows or doors open. The bats will head for your home to feed on the insects that are attracted to your lights. They may then unwittingly fly into your home, especially if they are inexperienced, young bats.

The bats are entering through the chimney or attic

Bats like to roost high off the ground in an area with a stable temperature. This means that they tend to enter homes from the roof area and seek to roost inside the attic. As such, bats may enter through the vents in your roof or via your chimney and then make their way into your attic. This is especially true during late autumn and early winter when bats need to find somewhere to hibernate.

You have a large colony hidden inside your attic or walls

Homeowners often don't realize that they have a bat colony living inside their home until a bat strays from the attic and into another part of their home. When a bat colony grows so large that there is no longer enough room for all the bats to roost, some bats may venture into other areas of a house.

If you haven't been into your attic for a while and you have recently begun to see bats inside your house, you may need to check your attic. You should also consider hiring a wildlife removal expert to remove the bat colony for you without harming them.

The changes in weather patterns have driven them inside

If you are seeing bats coming into your home in the weeks between winter and spring, then those bats are probably confused by the weather fluctuations common at this time of year. When the temperature drops, bats seek to go inside to hibernate. But then once the weather warms up again a short time later, the bats wake up and seek to get outside.

If you have discovered bats inside your home, call a wildlife removal expert to remove them for you in a humane manner. Bats are an important part of the ecosystem.

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