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Steps To Take After Noticing Roaches In Your Business' Building

As a business owner, the last thing you want is for customers to notice is less-than-ideal conditions in your establishment. If you recently noticed a few roaches walking around in your business, you need to take fast action in getting rid of them before they are discovered by others. Here are immediate steps to take to eliminate roaches fast.

Contact A Commercial Pest Control Service Right Away

There is no time to waste when it comes to dealing with a roach infestation. Make a call to a professional commercial pest control service at the first signs of a problem and alert them about the urgency and make sure you request to have someone check over your establishment as soon as possible. Many pest control services have weekend and nighttime hours, allowing you to have the process conducted when customers and employees are not in-house. 

Conduct A Deep-Cleaning Session Within Your Building

If you do not have a regular cleaning service come to your business to clean, consider hiring one temporarily or do a deep-clean yourself to remove attractions from within the walls of your establishment. Cockroaches harbor themselves among cardboard boxes and stacks of paper. Remove these items from your business or place them inside plastic storage tubs so roaches do not have an area for breeding or hiding.

Keep all food products in sealed containers or stashed inside refrigerators or freezers where the odor of food is obscured. Remove trash from garbage cans in your building on a daily basis and remind employees to place food remnants inside a bag and to tie it before throwing it away.

Use Bait To Help Kill the Cockroaches In Your Establishment

If you are unable to get an immediate appointment with a pest control service, use the bait trap method to reduce roach numbers while waiting for the service's arrival. Cockroaches will be attracted to the bait and bring it back to their nesting areas. The bait then kills off roaches in these areas. To make your own bait, mix boric acid, sugar, and flour in equal parts inside of a bowl. The end result is a doughy substance. Roll the dough into small balls and place them in areas roaches were previously noticed.

Eliminate Spots Roaches Can Use To Get Inside Your Business

Cockroaches can squeeze into small spaces to get inside of your building. To keep them from gaining entry in the future, ask a building contractor to evaluate the exterior of your building for locations pests can use as passageways to the interior. Add door sweeps to all doors and fill in cracks with putty or caulk.

For more information, contact a commercial pest control company.