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Mice Problems: Get The Pest Control Services You Need To Rid Your Home Of Mice

Mice problems are common, especially as the weather gets cooler and mice are looking for a warm place to call home. Mice can get in through the smallest of cracks, making a home in your walls, ceiling, or just about any space. All mice need is a food supply and a little water, and the population of mice can explode in your home. A typical female mouse has five to ten litters of babies a year, each producing an average of 6-8 babies. It only takes 19-21 days for the gestational period of a mouse, making for a huge rise in the mouse population of your home if you don't deal with the problem right away.

Unidentified Smells in Your Home

Once you smell the odor of a mouse that has died in your walls, you don't tend to forget it. If you have pulled apart a room in an effort to clean the smell and can't seem to find the source, it is probably a dead mouse within your wall itself. The odor goes away in a few weeks but will return once again if another mouse dies in your walls. It's an odor that is hard to mistake once you know what it smells like.

Mice Droppings and Food Supply

Mice leave behind little droppings just about everywhere they go. You might find bits of fur as well. If you find visible signs of mice,  you need pest control services in your home because you have a growing population. They are small, and once you start to see fur or droppings there are enough of the mice to warrant a call to an exterminator. While you can remove pet food dishes at night and keep your home free of crumbs, mice are great at finding food crumbs.

A Cat Isn't Enough

Even when you own a cat, they aren't going to be able to deal with a big mouse population. Your cat might bring you a mouse or two, but there could be hundreds living in your wall that you don't know about. You need to have pest control services find where they are getting into your home and find where the main nest is in order to eradicate the problem.

Mice populate quickly, and removing mice from your home takes some work. Once you discover signs of mice in your home, get the pest control services you need to take care of it. For more information about pest control, visit a site like https://www.bugbusterssc.net/.