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Living In Termite Territory? Important Tips For Protecting Your Home

Termite are one of the most destructive forces in nature. In fact, according to information published by the National Pest Control Institute (NPCI), annual termite damage to wood structures in just the United States and Canada is currently estimated to total approximately five billion dollars. While the actual species of these insects can can vary from region to region, Alaska is the only state that has thus far been able to remain free of known termite activity. Homeowners who understand that termites are an ever present threat throughout the remainder of the nation can use the the following tips to help them defend their home and protect its structural integrity and value. 

Keep the property clear of attractive food supplies 

Like any insect or pest, termites are more apt to move in and reach infestation levels when they find a habitat and food supply that support their colony and allow it to thrive. Homes where decayed wood from stored firewood, lumber, woodworking scraps, or any type of exposed, untreated wood are kept near the home are at an increased risk of attracting termite activity.

Termites can also be attracted to homes where mulch, wood chips, sawdust, and fallen leaves are allowed to accumulate and remain near the home. Removing these materials to create a broad perimeter without an attractive termite food source is the first step to making the home less attractive to these voracious insects. 

Cure water and moisture issues 

In addition to food, termites also require a steady supply of moisture for both their own consumption and to facilitate the hatching of their eggs. A hidden water leak under the house, leaky garden hoses, and a lack of working gutters can all create the moist conditions that termites are sure to find attractive. Homeowners should also be aware that landscaping issues that allow rainfall and melting snow or ice to collect near the home should also be corrected when their goal is to cure a current termite infestation or prevent a new one from forming. 

Be proactive with professional treatment options 

Serious termite infestations are more apt to occur when homeowners delay or avoid seeking professional treatment.  Homes that are not yet infested can benefit from the use of baits and pre-treatment options specifically designed and formulated to help keep their property free of termite activity. If termites are already present, working with a termite pest control service can offer a faster, more effective way to kill existing insects and prevent future infestation issues than DIY treatment options. 

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