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Tips For Finding And Removing Honey Bees From Your Home Or Yard

Though honey bees are a very important part of the earth's ecosystem, it is not reasonable for you to share your home or yard with them. Bees will sting your children and can cause serious structural damage if they decide to set up housekeeping in your attic, chimney, or inside of a wall. 

If you have noticed an overabundance of honey bees in your yard and want to rid your property of this stinging pest, then these tips will help you do so:

Tip: Follow the Bees Path to Find Their Hive

If you are seeing a lot of bee traffic but are not sure where their hive is located, then you can find it by following the bee's path. Stand in your yard where there is a lot of bee traffic and watch where they are flying. After a bit, you will discover that most of the bees are flying in one general direction. Follow the flying bees and they will lead you back to their hive's location.

Tip: Have a Beekeeper Remove Tree Hives and Swarms

If you discover that the bees in your yard are coming from a swarm hanging in a tree, then you should call a local beekeeper and have them come out and collect the swarm.

Bees often swarm when:

  • the hive contracts a disease
  • the hive is overcrowded 
  • the hive is starving from lack of honey
  • the hive's queen becomes sick or dies

As the swarming bees search for a new hive location, they will often stop and rest in a tree. When you see a ball of bees hanging in a tree, then this is most likely a resting swarm. The swarm can easily be knocked into a hive box by a beekeeper to preserve the hive and move it to a more appropriate location. 

Tip: Call a Pest Control Company to Remove a Hive Inside a Wall or Other Residential Structure

If following the bees leads you to a hive that's located in a wall, chimney, or attic space, then you need to call out a pest control company to remove the hive and seal up the entrance to prevent reinfestation. Simply sealing up the entrance to the hive will not do, because the bees that are present will die in the space and will cause an unpleasant odor. Additionally, any honey present will ferment and attract other pests that can damage the structural integrity of your home. 

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