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Why Professional Rat Removal Is The Best Way To Deal With Your Rodent Infestation

Even though pet rats you buy from a pet store might look all cute and cuddly, wild rats that infest your home are another story. The often walk through sewers, over dead animals, and through feces before crawling along your walls or even across your kitchen floor. Rats spread diseases and make a mess of your home, so you want them gone fast. The question is how to go about it. Here's why hiring a rat control expert is better than trying to do it yourself.

You May Be Squeamish About Setting And Emptying Traps

Big rat traps are effective at killing rats, but it takes strong nerves remove the dead rat once the trap does its job. If setting a rat trap makes you too nervous, then hire a pest control company to take care of your rat problem for you. A professional may even have more effective traps and will know how to set them to get results. It's not uncommon for amateurs to set a trap and never catch a rat, because rats are both intelligent and leery of new things.

Emptying a trap is no fun because you have to dispose of a mangled rat body. If you can't bear to do it, leave the job to the pest control expert and avoid both stress and exposure to diseases from the rat body.

You May Not Want To Kill The Rats

If you're a kind-hearted animal lover, you may not want to actually kill the rats. You may just want to get rid of them and find a way to keep them away from your house. A rat control expert might be able to help you do this. The rats could be caught in live traps and released elsewhere on your property if that's what you want. Before that's done, your home must be sealed so the rats can't slip back inside. The pest control company might apply repellents and come up with other ways to discourage rats from hanging around. You'll also get advice on maintaining your home and yard to make them less inviting for the pests.

You Want To Avoid Contact With Rat Debris

If rats have been living in your attic for a while, the odor might be overwhelming. There could be feces and rat debris littered all over the place. It could be dangerous for you to clean up the mess by yourself, especially if you're in poor health or have breathing difficulties. You'll need to wear protective gear during the process and sanitize the space. You might even need to have the insulation in your attic replaced or the ducts repaired. Getting expert help repairing your attic from rat damage is important so you can be sure all traces of the infestation are gone.

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