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Exterminator Coming? Do These 3 Things

Instead of handling a pest infestation on your own, you'll want to have a professional exterminator come to your home to get rid of those pests for good. However, there are some things you can do for the exterminator that will make their job easier and more efficient.

Document Your Problem

You do not want your exterminator to not understand the pest issue you are having. Giving them a basic description or a vague story about your specific problem will not help them target the pests, which can cause their treatment to be unsuccessful.

You may not be aware that there are many pesticides that can be used to target specific pests. For instance, an exterminator may use a residual insecticide to get rid of an insect that sticks to various surfaces and travels up walls. Meanwhile, a contact poison will work best if the exterminator need to target an insect with a soft body.

This is why you should thoroughly document your problem so that the exterminator knows what treatment they should use. Write down where you have seen the pests most often, and even take some photos if you are able to spot them long enough to do so. If the exterminator can positively identify the pest, they'll be more aggressive in their treatment.

Prep Your Home

It is always a good idea to clean your home prior to having an exterminator perform a treatment. Not only will having clutter off the floor help the exterminator navigate your home, but cleaning after they are done can disrupt any treatment they performed. Things like vacuuming and dusting can cause pesticide residue to move, which will make it less effective than it should be.

Follow All Directions

Chances are you'll receive instructions from your exterminator about what you should do after their visit. Follow these directions as best as you can. You may be told not to disrupt a marked area that has just been sprayed with pesticide or to let the exterminator know if you see any pests return to the area. Directions can also include keeping your home clean by not leaving food out that pests can feed on.

While you may feel hiring an exterminator puts the burden off of you to get rid of the pests, the steps that you'll need to take are just as important. For more advice on how to get rid of your pest problem, ask your local exterminator from a company like Environmental Services Pest Control