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How To Deal With Ants In Your Home

When you are a homeowner, dealing with possible pest infestations is a part of the game, and ants are one of t he most common pest infestations you will have to deal with. Ants are resilient and resourceful creatures that can make their way into your home in a variety of ways, and once there, may try to set up their colony in the temperature-controlled safety of the indoors. If you have noticed ants around your kitchen or elsewhere in your home, get to know some of the ways that you can deal with and get rid of those ants. Then, you can get started utilizing these solutions as soon as possible. 

Ant Spray

One of the most common solutions for dealing with ants in the home is to spray for ants. Ant sprays can be purchased in cans at a local hardware or general store or can be applied by pest control professionals.

While sprays can effectively kill the ants that you apply the spray to as well as the unlucky ants who come across the sprayed area before it dries, this is the extent of the effectiveness of ant sprays. This means that although they are popular, they are not the most effective solution, especially if you have an established ant colony in your home. 

Ant Baits

Another, more effective option for dealing with an ant colony in your home is ant baits. Ant baits are small devices that you can place in areas in which you have seen ants around your home. The ants will be attracted to these baits because they smell like the food they have been gathering for their colony.

They will take the bait and carry it back with them to feed the colony. However, that bait is, of course, a poison that will kill the ants in the colony. This is a more effective ant control option than sprays because it does not just take out the ant that gets into the bait but several others as well. 

Borax, Water, and Sugar

Some people do not like having pest control chemicals in their home and would prefer natural control methods. These may not be as highly effective as ant baits or sprays but can still help to reduce the number of ants in the home.

Borax mixed with sugar and water is one of the most effective natural ant control remedies. Much like the ant baits mentioned previously, the sticky paste of borax with sugar and water will attract ants who will think it is an excellent food source. They will carry it back to their nests or colony and many of the ants will eat it. Borax is poisonous to ants and this mixture will kill them. However, be careful with borax because it should not be consumed by animals or humans. So, if you have pets or small children, you need to make sure they cannot get into your natural ant baits. 

Knowing these ways to deal with ants in your home, you can be sure you are doing everything you can to get your home pest-free as soon as possible. For more information, contact a business such as Be There Pest Control.