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Tips You Need To Know On Preventing Pests This Winter

Since winter is approaching, you may be preparing your heating system and decorating for the holidays. You also need to make sure your home is prepared for the potential risk of pests. Termites, cockroaches, beetles, mice, and wildlife may try to enter your home with small cracks and crevices, especially if they sense there is food, moisture, and warmth. Before the winter approaches, use these tips to prevent pests from becoming houseguests during the holiday season:


Your home's building envelope is important. Not only do the walls, doors, windows, and roof keep conditioned air in, but the building envelope also keeps pests out of your home. The fall is a great time to walk around the home, sealing up any cracks, crevices, or openings where pests may enter.

Use silicone or caulk to close up gaps in the foundation and crawlspace. Wire mesh is a great way to close up openings in your roof and attic since it allows air flow while blocking mice and wildlife from your attic.

Be sure there are no drafts coming in around windows and doors, as well. It only takes a small amount of space for insects to enter the home.


Bugs and rodents can infest even the cleanest of homes. However, homes with piles of food and trash on the interior and exterior will be more appealing to pests.

Make sure all food is contained in a sealed box, bag, or storage container. Also, clean up spilled foods and drinks immediately to ensure the smell does not linger in your home for extended periods of time.

Remove piles of clutter from in and around your home. Cockroaches, spiders, and mice will find piles of laundry, newspapers, and other clutter an attractive place to create nests.

Piles of firewood or project lumbar should not be stored close to your home. If this wood gets wet, it will become the perfect place for termites to live and breed. Considering termites account for billions of dollars in structural damage each year, removing wood from around your home's exterior is key for prevention.

Tidying up your home's landscaping is also helpful. Insects and rodents are attracted to moisture, which can be found on high grass blades and overgrown shrubbery. Mow your lawn regularly and trim away overgrowth from plants, shrubs, and trees to reduce moisture in your yard.

Reducing moisture content is also possible by removing pots, planters, and other items that may fill with water from the rain over time. Dump these containers and store in a dry area if they are not being used.

Contact a pest control company near you for more information and assistance.