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Three Tips For Finding Temporary Housing As A Digital Nomad

Moving around and living as a digital nomad is a great adventure. However, it can also be quite stressful when it comes to finding a new home in a  new city. Here are three ways to make the process a little less painful and risky.

Research the Neighborhoods

While stepping foot in a new city for the first time is invigorating, it can also be daunting if you go in completely clueless. Before you commit to a place to live, spend ample time researching the city's various neighborhoods. Social media is a great tool for this: local Facebook Groups, city-specific Reddit forums, and forums on City-Data give you the opportunity to chat with current residents about the lay of the land.

Obviously you want to find a neighborhood that isn't run-down and riddled with crime. You should also choose a neighborhood with quick access to a vibrant nightlife scene so that you can easily immerse yourself in the city's culture and meet as many new people as possible. After all, the best part about being a digital nomad is getting to know new cities to the fullest. That will be much harder if you're living far away from all the action.

Secure a Short-Term Lease

One of the biggest perks of being a digital nomad is not being tied down to a specific city for the yearlong duration of a lease. However, short-term leases are generally more scarce than full-term ones. Whenever you decide to try out a new city, give yourself at least a few weeks to research short-term housing options and secure a lease before you move.

Call up numerous rental agencies in your chosen city and ask about their short-term or month-to-month leasing options. If none are being offered, you'll have to sublet an apartment from a current resident. Neighborhoods surrounding college campuses are great for finding sublets because students often rent out their apartments temporarily while they are completing co-op studies out of town. You can also often find single rooms in shared houses available for subletting.

Beware of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are an extreme nuisance, especially in urban areas. They can infest all of your luggage and basically require you to get a whole new wardrobe. The last thing you want is to show up in your new city and have the experience ruined by having to deal with a bed bug infestation. 

Before you commit to a short-term lease or sublet, have a local pest control company inspect the home for bed bugs. If any are found, make sure the owner or current residents have the bedbugs exterminated before you arrive — have them send you receipts and an inspection report to be sure. 

Getting set up in a new city is probably the worst part of being a digital nomad. However, if you properly do your homework, moving from city to city will be far less stressful.