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Are The Cold Winds Bring Pests Into Your Home? Chill Out By Using These 3 Tips To Rid Your Home Of Common Winter Pests

Pest control is a yearlong battle that requires adjusting your approach to fit the changing seasons. While the colder months mean that you can stop worrying so much about ants and mosquitoes, you now find that you have a few new pests to address. As you get ready to prepare your house for the upcoming season, use these tips to keep classic winter pests outside where they belong.

Start With a Seasonal Inspection

Some pest problems are obvious. For example, lady bugs tend to come inside when the seasons change so that they can enjoy a warmer place to stay through the winter. When this happens, Asian lady beetle pest control will begin with assessing the size of the problem so that the correct removal and exclusion strategies can be implemented. During seasonal inspections, it is also common to discover other issues such as a need for rodent control that can be done at the same time.

Repair Small Openings Around Your House

Those brightly colored lady bugs are small enough to fit through openings around your house's exterior that you might not notice. For instance, cracks in the caulking around your windows leave just enough space for insects to come inside. For this reason, it may be recommended for you to do a few repairs around our home as part of your lady bug pest control plan.

Physically Remove Unwanted Pests

At home, small infestations of lady bugs can be removed by sweeping them outside or using a vacuum to remove them from an area. However, larger infestations may require the use of chemical treatments to keep them away. A rodent exterminator may also use traps or other methods to exterminate and remove unwanted rats and mice.

Work With a Pro To Establish a Maintenance Plan

Once you have eliminated the winter pests that currently reside in your home, you need to establish a plan to make sure that they do not come back. This is because winter pests such as lady bugs often come back inside during the spring when it is mating season to establish nests. Arrange to have your home inspected and treated before the next season arrives so that you can stay on top of your pest prevention strategies.

Although a lady bug or mouse is cute when they are outside, the last thing you need is to find more of them multiplying in your home. This year, be proactive about pest control so that you can cuddle up in your warm house without worrying about having to deal with an insect or mouse.