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Recently Discover A Bat Problem? 3 Things To Know About Safe Removal

The prospect of having bats in your house is enough to make you want to check into a hotel. After all, most people's experiences with bats come from horror movies and news stories that talk about diseases such as rabies. While it is true that bats can carry diseases just like other animals, you should also know that bats play an important role in the ecosystem by helping to keep insect populations down. For this reason, bat removal can get complicated, and it is important to be aware of this information as you make your pest control plans.

Bats Have a Roosting Season

Your first thought is likely to eliminate the bats as fast as possible. However, bats are protected by law in some states, and many pest professionals recommend using a humane approach no matter where you may live. This is because bats have a roosting season that lasts from May until July. During this time, excluding a mother bat from your house may cause the baby bats to starve, or they could get desperate and begin to invade the rest of your house as they search for food. If you discover your bat infestation while there is an active nest, your pest technician can offer solutions to minimize the damage until the bats can be safely removed.

Bat Excrement Destroys Building Materials

Bat excrement, or guano, has a distinctive odor, and this is often the first sign that you have that something is amiss. Like most excrement, guano can harbor bacteria and viruses that are transmissible to humans, and particles can become airborne and infest your house. Over time, guano can also break down building materials and lead to additional issues that threaten the structural integrity of your home. For this reason, you will need to replace damaged materials and sanitize those that can be salvaged.

Bat Removal Works Best with Multiple Strategies

During your pest control planning, it is likely that several different methods will be recommended. For example, traps or exclusion devices may be used to deal with the bats that are currently inhabiting your residence. It may also be necessary to seal up entry points that bats have been using to gain access. Depending upon your landscaping options, you may also be able to set up bat houses to give bats an acceptable place to roost that is far from your property.

Although they sometimes make people squeamish, bats are great for keeping other pest populations under control, and it is possible to coexist when you have the right types of pest control measures in place. By using humane methods to eliminate an infestation, you can feel good about your efforts to establish a pest-free home. For more information, contact companies like Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc.