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3 Important Tips To Prevent A Termite Infestation

Have you recently moved to an area where termites are much more common than where you used to live? Are you confused about how to deal with and prevent these insects from consuming your home and surrounding property from becoming a termite habitat? Left to their own devices, a termite colony can ruin your walls, your roof, your fence, and more in seemingly no time at all. Preventing this from happening is one of the biggest challenges that homeowners may be faced with. Here are some tips that can help prevent your home from becoming a termite meal:

Inspect stored items: If you've recently moved, chances are good that you've had to store some or all of your items before you found your new home. Ideally, your storage unit was in a facility that paid for frequent pest control visits, but this is still no guarantee. If you had an exterior storage unit, it's possible for a new termite queen to have flown in and landed right at the door of your storage unit before making her way inside, Inside a storage unit, boxes, papers, wooden furniture, and even clothing can make meals for hungry termites. Termite control starts by inspecting everything from the storage unit before it's brought inside. If you suspect that there might be termites, it's best to call in a pest control expert just to make sure.

Clean gutters and check your air conditioner: Although termites have relatively low water requirements, they do still need moisture in order to survive. Clogged or non-existent gutters and a poorly designed air conditioning runoff can turn an okay location into a termite haven. Damp wood around your home's foundation as a result of poor gutters or your air conditioning runoff can provide an entryway for termites to get into your home. Paying for regular termite control visits may do you no good if you don't get this situation fixed.

Install window screens: It does little good to pay for termite control to protect the exterior of your home and to check items before they enter your home if you leave your windows open without screens. A new termite queen or even a carpenter ant queen could fly in unnoticed and take up residence in your home. By the time you notice, they may have already caused extensive damage. Keep the termites outside where they are more likely to discover and be killed by the measures that your pest control company uses.

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