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3 Ways To Deal With Pesky Birds On Your Awnings

Birds, as beautiful as they can be, can also be a pest if they hang out on your awning all day, leaving their droppings on your awning. Bird droppings can destroy your awning over time and can be detrimental to your health. Here is a pest control solution you can to do get the birds to move off your awning and onto a different perch.

#1 Use Bird Spikes

Birds like to rest on awnings because they generally have a flat area across the top of the awning, which presents a perfect place for the local bird population to rest. A great way to discourage birds from resting on your awnings is by installing bird spikes on your awnings. Bird spikes generally roll out onto your awning and can be attached a variety of different ways. Some bird spikes snap onto the edge of your awning and others need to be glues or attached at various points onto your awning.

A bird spike is basically a strip that has tall metal spikes on them. These metal spikes take away the easy resting place that your awning presented and put pikes in place that birds cannot easily land on and hang out on. It generally takes a few hours to install bird spikes over your entire awning area.

#2 Repellant

Another way to keep the birds away from your awning is by spraying a repellant on your awning. These bird repellants leave a sticky substance that is non-toxic on your awning. When birds land on your awning, the texture will not feel good on their feet, and the birds will most likely fly away to somewhere more comfortable. This is an easy solution that will not hurt the birds but will save your awning.

The downside to using repellant is that it only lasts for a certain amount of time. After a few big rains, you are most likely going to need to reapply the repellent, which will require you to get back up on a ladder and spray the repellent again. This is a solution that requires effort over a long period of time in order for it to be effective.

#3 Fake Predators

Another way to scare the birds away from your awning is by using fake predators to scare away the birds. Most perching birds that would land on your awning do not like snakes or owls. You can take advantage of that fear by using fake snake and owl props to scare the birds away.

For example, you can attach a fake snake to a string and put attach the string to your awning. Hopefully, the snake will move in the wind so that it looks real. If the snake never moves, the birds will eventually figure out it is not real and return to perching on your awning.

Or, you can put a fake owl on a weather vane. That way, the owl is moving around, which will make it look real to the birds, and should help keep them away.

If you really want to keep the birds away from perching on your awning, you should use a combination of the three suggestions above until you find the solution that works best for your home and the birds in your area.