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Rats In The Neighborhood? How To Keep Them Out Of Your Home

Have you heard neighbors or friends who live nearby complaining about finding rats in their homes? Once rats move into a home or homes nearby, you're much more likely to find them in your own home as they continue to breed and look for new places to nest. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can preemptively take to keep them from invading your house.

Cover and move the trash can.

Often, rats first find a home's trash -- and are then attracted to the home itself. So, make sure your trash is well sealed. If you have metal cans, make sure the lids fit on snugly, and consider putting something on top of them to hold them down. If you have plastic cans with hinge lids, make sure you always fold them shut. And again, place something heavy, like a brick, on top of the lid if you have any doubt that it's secure.

You should also move your garbage further away from your house. For example, do not place it next to your house, but rather at the back of your property. This way, if there are any odors coming from the trash can, they won't attract the rats directly to your house.

Stop composting.

Sure, composting is good for the planet, but those apple peelings and potato scraps you've been adding to your garden are a real treat for rats. Put these items in the trash, at least for now, and if you're growing a garden, use pelleted or powdered fertilizers rather than compost, as these won't attract rats.

Put screens over vents and chimneys.

It's common for rats to enter homes either through sewer vents or through chimneys. Both of these items should have mesh screens over their openings, but these screens can sometimes become worn or fall off as they age. So, climb up on your roof and check to be sure there are covers over all vents and chimneys. If you're missing a cover, you can usually attach a piece of mesh over the vent or chimney using some adhesive. If you happen to spot any holes in the chimney or vent pipes themselves, call your roofing contractor or plumber to make repairs before the rats find those same holes.

If you do notice any rats near or inside your home, call a pest control company like Emery Exterminating immediately. If you can get rid of the first few rats promptly, the rest of the population will stay away.