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Signs Of Pests In A Vacant Home You Are Planning On Moving In To

If you are planning on moving into a new place, then you want to check around the house to make sure you don't get in over your head with regards to a pest infestation. If you do find that the place appears to have a potential pest problem then you should make it a point to get a professional pest control company to come out to take care of any issues before you move your belongings in. This way, you can have the issue cleared up before your furniture, bedding, clothing and other items come into the house so you won't have to worry about the pests getting into your things. Here are areas you want to check for signs of pest problems:

Look in the upper corners for spiders

If you are concerned about spiders then you want to look in the upper corners of all rooms and closets. You also want to take a flashlight and look in the dark areas because a lot of spiders like to hide in dark spaces.

Look in all cabinets and drawers for many pests

You want to open all of the cabinets and drawers in the house, especially those located in the kitchen and bathroom, in order to look for signs of many types of pests. Some pests that you may find who like to frequent these spaces include roaches, ants, crickets and even mice and rats. Some signs that there may be a problem include the presence of wings or legs, mouse or rat excrement, and insect excrement which can tend to look like coffee grounds.

Look in the window sills

You also want to look in all of the window sills throughout the house. You may find signs of different types of pests here as well. Those signs include the same ones you can expect to find in the cabinets and drawers. However, spiders sometimes also like to hang out in the upper corners of the window sills, so look up there for spider webs or spiders as well. Wings in the window sills can also mean there may be termites.

Look along the baseboards

Pests also like to travel along the baseboards of a room instead of making their way across the center part of the room. So, this is another area where you will want to look for signs of parts or excrement.

Look in the corners of the kitchen counters

You may not see anything on the counters, but if you look in the very corners then you may be surprised to find signs of pests.

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