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When Buzzing Bees Make Your Job Difficult - Removing Yellow Jackets From Your Business Property

If you own a small business, you will want to do whatever possible to keep your employees and customers safe while on the premises. In warmer months, yellow jacket wasps can be a problem if they decide to nest on your property. To keep people safe while on your grounds, these nuisances will need to be removed. Here are a few methods you can use in removing yellow jackets from around your establishment, keeping your clients and coworkers safe from unfortunate stings as a result.

Know When To Strike

The best time to try removing yellow jackets is in the springtime before they have an established nest. As the summer goes on, they grow in numbers. The end of the summer is when they are most protective as they have young who will be the new worker bees and queen bees for the following season. If you have recurring yellow jacket problems year to year, do your removal in the springtime before they have strength in numbers.

Battling yellow jackets is best done at night-time when they are dormant. Do not bring along a flashlight, as this will attract their attention. Instead, use a red bulb in a light fixture nearby if possible. This dim glow will give you enough light to see without alerting the yellow jackets of your arrival. Another idea is to do your removal in the early morning hours before the yellow jackets start leaving their nest for the day.

Find Help If Needed

Before tackling a yellow jacket removal job, make sure you are not allergic to wasps. Have your doctor give you an allergy test if you have not already had one. If you are unsure, and time is of the essence, ask fellow employees if they have every been stung by a yellow jacket before and if they had any reaction. You may need to enlist the help from one of these people to ensure there is no allergic reaction that would lead to an emergency while removing the wasps from their nest.

Suit Up For Success

Make sure the person removing the nest is suited up with protective gear before starting. Long sleeves and pant legs are necessary, as are goggles to protect the eyes from bee stings. A scarf wrapped around the bottom portion of the face is also a great idea to protect this area from bee stings.

Remove The Wasps

The best way to remove yellow jackets is with the use of a pesticide. A professional pest control service would be seasoned in doing this job if you are afraid of retaliation as you spray. If you decide to take the job on, make sure you have an escape route planned if the bees start coming after you as you spray

If you do not care for pesticides, you can place a bowl of water with a few tablespoons of dish detergent mixed inside near the nest. Sprinkle a few tablespoons of sugar in the mixture as well. The yellow jackets will be attracted to this mixture and will land upon the water to take a drink. The dish detergent weighs them down so they are unable to fly back out. This method works well if you have several customers coming into your building, as it can be placed away from the doorways. The customers will also not be exposed to the pesticides if the bees are near the doorways. 

You can also use this mixture by hooking it to a pressure washer so the soap mixture is dispersed right on the nest as you spray. Yellow jackets often place their nests in holes in the ground. If this is the case, you can direct pesticide or dish detergent water right at the hole. Another way to remove them is pouring hot boiling water into the hole.

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