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Does Your Apartment Building Have Pests? Learn How To Prevent Them

As a property owner, you are required to keep your building free of pests for your tenants. Unfortunately, pests do pop up from time to time and you need to take care of them. When everyone in your building works together, it is possible to keep the building free of those pesky pests. Try following these Eco-friendly tips that will keep them at bay.

Control The Garbage

An easy way to attract pests to your building is with exposed garbage. If anything is left outside and exposed, it will attract insects and rodents like a magnet. You will need your garbage collection area to be in a neutral space that's convenient for your tenants to use, but also not attached to your building.

Tenants should always take trash to the dedicated garbage area, and avoid leaving it outside their unit. Dumpsters will need to be sealed tightly in order to make it difficult for pets to get inside. By keeping garbage in a sealed container, it decreases the chance that pests will find it.

Eliminate Leaking Water Sources

If you have a water source that is leaking, it will attract pests to your building. This includes pipes, water spigots, or clogged drains that cause water to pool. These tend to lure in rodents and insects. Rats are attracted to water, and pose a threat to your building's cleanliness.

Fixing problem where water is leaking will help keep pests away, so many sure you perform regular maintenance that will prevent water from collecting around your building. This also includes any water features that are decorative for your tenants. They may look great, but they will attract animals that are looking for something to drink.

Seal Off All Entrances

It's kind of amazing how pests can find their way through even the smallest spaces. That is why it's so important to seal off all potential entrances that they can make their way through. Things such as a small crack in a wall, the opening around a water pipe, or a ventilation system that was improperly installed can be an entrance.

All you need to do is apply some silicone around small opening, apply joint compound on cracks, and ensure ventilation systems close properly when not in use.

If everything you tried has failed, it will be time to bring in professional help. Find a local exterminator in your area that can take additional steps to help get rid of those pests for good. To learn more, contact a company like Vancouver Pest Control Ltd with any questions or concerns you have.