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5 Things Canadians Need To Know About Scorpions

Scorpions are usually thought of as a desert dwelling creature, but surprisingly, they are found in a wide variety of habitats. Scorpions can even live in Canada! Here's what you need to know about scorpions. 

What kinds of scorpions live in Canada?

Canada doesn't have the wide variety of scorpion species that warmer places have. There are only two types of scorpions here: Sun scorpions and Northern scorpions.

Sun scorpions are very small, reaching lengths of only 2 cm. There abdomens are dark brown while their legs and heads are light brown. Aside from their lack of tail and stinger, they look like a miniature version of the scorpions that you're already familiar with. 

Northern scorpions are a true scorpion, meaning that they have a tail and stinger. They are yellow-brown to medium brown. 

Are scorpions found throughout the country?

Scorpions are not found across Canada. The northern regions are too cold for them, so they are only found in southern Canada. They are often found in the southern parts of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. They prefer to live in the Okanagan Valley or in the Badlands, but they have also been known to venture into cities. 

Where are they hiding?

Scorpions are elusive, so you may not encounter them if you're not looking for them. They like to hide inside cracks and crevices, either out in the wild or inside your house. If you're outdoors, you may find them hiding beneath a rock, a log, or other debris. In your house, you may find them living underneath your furniture, beneath a loose floorboard, or in a crack in the wall.

Are Canadian scorpions dangerous?

Scorpions in other places are dangerous, but fortunately, the ones in Canada are not. Northern scorpions have very mild venom, and are about as dangerous as a bee or a wasp. The sting will hurt, but you'll be fine, unless you're allergic to the venom. Sun scorpions have no venom, but they can bite. The bite is not painful, and you may not even realize that you were bitten. 

What should you do if you find them in your house?

Canadian scorpions are endangered, so you shouldn't kill them. If you don't want them in your house, move them back outside and seal any gaps on the exterior of your house so they can't get back in. If you need help transporting the scorpions or sealing your house, hire a pest control company to help you. 

Canadian scorpions may frighten you if you encounter one, but they're not dangerous. Click here to visit a pest control company's website.